Trend of men’s shoes in spring and summer 2023

Street fashion players who pursue personal expression show their own trends with a maverick attitude
At the same time, they pay more attention to the detail design of clothing and shoes. The details create avant-garde fashion. Mastering the novel design means mastering the new password of traffic.


Functional device

On the casual board shoes, TPU material is used to build functional devices.
The components of the vamp can be designed more richly.
Create multiple layers and wraps for the appearance of shoes.

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Special bottom type

Special sole type is different from the conventional casual sole design.
Exaggerated sole shape has injected new soul into the overall shoe shape.
Bring more design possibilities to board shoes.
It is another innovation of leisure board shoes.


Decorative buckle

As consumers have more and more unique views on trends.
Coupled with the hot DIY trend.
Distinctive shoe accessories are very eye-catching.
The shoelace decorative buttons brought by the brand reflect the tone of the brand itself, and the rich and diverse sneaker decorations also set the style tone for shoes.


Deconstruction board shoes

Destroy and reorganize visual stimulation

Present the upper or sole of classic canvas shoes or board shoes in the form of deconstruction, in an attempt to disrupt the iconic structure of the basic style and the traditional design rules, presenting a unique sense of span design; The application of deconstruction design in classic shoe items makes shoes younger, and adds punk Street elements to make them more market worthy. Please refer to the design of emerging brand ataw.


Big toe board shoes, casual sports, avant-garde fashion

Square head is a popular shoe type in recent years, and there are many designs used on big head shoes. The square big head style is more street like. The style of the big toe board shoes refers to the design of the popular dad shoes in the millennium, and the more enlarged toe cap makes it more distinctive. In order to enrich the street style of big toe shoes, the vamp decoration of big toe shoes has also become a common point in the design, injecting a tough temperament and expanding the matching style range.


Gothic splicing, mysterious art of line color block

The materials are used in the design of shoes in the form of Gothic sharp and mysterious modeling. The performance of details and shape and appearance is the key point. The combination of block face color contrast can give shoes more youthful colors, so that boring classic shoes can break into the sight of young consumers, so as to enhance the higher attention of casual board shoes in the men's shoe market.


Post time: Jul-19-2022